Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pressure on Lib Dems as Portsmouth council appeals wardens judgement

When Barnet sheltered housing residents won their legal case against Barnet Tory council's decision to axe their wardens, Lib Dem Portsmouth Council was in the dock as well, and their legal case went against them also.

David Young, Barnet campaigner, has written to the leaders of all the main parties calling on them to prevent the cuts. So far, only Lib Dem party leader Nick Clegg has not replied. David Young has written to him again, demanding to know his position, and also objecting to Portsmouth council's decision to appeal the court's ruling.

Read David Young's letter below, and scroll down for a call to arms.

The Labour government removed the ringfence around the sheltered housing wardens budget and has it in its power to change the regulations so that the cuts need not be made - it still has time to do this before the general election. Lib Dem and Tory councils around the country have the power to stop and reverse the cuts they have made to this service.

I believe that popular opinion is against these cuts. Can we impose our view and save the wardens? Well, it is still, even at this late hour, worth the battle.

Let's see whether Barnet council follow Portsmouth's decision to appeal... If you want to write to your councillor and ask them to come out against the cuts (in the case of Tory councillors - Lib Dem and Labour in Barnet are against the cuts), you can find their details here.

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Rog T said...


For the record all Barnet Lib Dem Councillors oppose the sheltered housing warden cuts and they have committed to reversing the cuts if elected. This is a non negotiable policy. As to Portsmouth. I don't know the background to the changes there, but if it is anything like the cuts which the Tories in Barnet are proposing, where the wardens will be reduced by 3/4 and forced to drive around the borough, then it's a lamentable policy.