Monday, 4 January 2010

Tieless Cameron: haven't we had it with image and no substance?

The headline on an Evening Standard article today is "Tieless Cameron is the Tories' poster boy for election battle". Conservative Party posters showing a tieless Cameron will go up all over the UK soon, presumably in an attempt to convince us that he is one of us/just what the country needs/a pretty straight guy, etc. Actually, he just looks like he's forgotten to put his tie on.

How empty-headed do Tory image makers think we are?

If they were promoting 'tireless Cameron' that would be worth something but why should we care what Cameron wears? Alright, perhaps for some people it does matter whether he wears a tie or not, but the point surely is that he should wear what he feels comfortable in and not what he thinks voters would like to see him in.

The image on the poster is pure Tony Blair circa 1997 - only, that little bit more dressed down. Expect Cameron to appear in public soon with a phony Blairite mug of tea welded to his hand as well (I always thought Tony Blair was a shyster - I was right). The Tories are making a mistake because I think - I hope - the public has had it with politicians faking niceness.

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