Thursday, 29 April 2010

Show me a filthy pavement and I'll show you an easyCouncil

Professor Tony Travers, director of the London School of Economics' London group, on Barnet Tories' easyCouncil idea:

"It is difficult to see where this model can be run in any great detail.

"They give the example that people who want to make a planning application can pay to have it done more quickly.

"But if you try to apply that model to other council services it gets you into difficulties.

"How can you say you will sweep more carefully outside someone's house if they pay extra?"
Vicki Morris, Publicity Officer for Barnet trades council, comments:
"Who said anything about sweeping?! The logic of the easyCouncil idea is that you could end up with vast swathes of the borough never being swept at all."
More on the BBC news website here.

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