Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Props to Barnet Unison

One blog - for blog it is - that I forgot to mention in yesterday's post on Barnet's bloggers is the Barnet Unison blog.

This is maintained by the Barnet Unison branch secretary John Burgess.

Not only does John run a good Unison branch in a very challenging borough, he is also a mainstay of Barnet trades council, and engages with the community, getting his branch to support the campaign by Barnet's sheltered housing residents to retain their wardens.

He does loads of work for charity - no, seriously, he does! And his blog is relevant and informative, and often has much better jokes than this blog. See here for the most recent example, which is inspired!

P.S. "Props" means "proper respect", a phrase I learned from Facebook.

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