Sunday, 11 April 2010

Barnet's tiny flats to be outlawed?

Well, not quite, but there was an interesting article in the Evening Standard on Friday 9 April by someone visiting the Beaufort Park development in Colindale, being built by St George.

Apparently, many of the flats there would be "too small for human habitation", according to possible new guidelines of 500 sq ft per flat, to be set by the Homes and Communities Agency. This body is already subsidising 42% of the flats at Beaufort Park.

"We need to offer something starting at about £150,000," says St George managing director Tony Carey. "If we have to build a 500 sq ft flat the market value would be £250,000. That excludes those on a limited budget. The capital will simply get fewer new homes if these rules are brought in."
There must be a case for having big enough homes for everyone - it just might be that we cannot rely on the private sector to provide them. Bring back council housing!

Thanks to J for sending me the article (though he might not like the use I put it to!).

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