Sunday, 29 May 2011

Departing council staff paid hush money. It couldn't happen in Barnet, could it?

The Daily Mail reported recently on how staff leaving Suffolk Council employ have been paid large sums of money to keep schtum about their reasons for going.

Suffolk council has recently turned back from embarking on the easyCouncil path due to resistance from residents. Their chief exec Andrea Hill is on leave while there are investigations into alleged bullying of staff.

She's another one who likes to stay at the Sandbanks Hotel. Another one? Mr Reasonable reports on another trip to this expensive hotel by Barnet senior staff.

So Barnet and Suffolk have Sandbanks in common. I don't suppose anyone leaving Barnet employ has ever been paid to keep quiet? That couldn't happen here, could it? I wish there were more hours in the day... I would investigate.

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Citizen Barnet said...

Yup, it happens in Barnet as well, I'm told. They are called 'compromise agreements'. There's a nice little FoI question for someone - don't suppose they'd tell you who but they might tell you how many, when and how much.

Then again, some of this info is probably in the public domain already, if you know where to look: local newspapers, ...?