Monday, 23 May 2011


The editing job I am doing at the moment affords me the chance to see what the book publishers are bringing out in time for Christmas. One can see trends in each genre. Humour is either one of the most boring or one of the most delightful categories to edit: depends on what makes you laugh. Last season there was a really tedious reliance on poo-based humour. I mean, really tedious. The season before that it was pants.

Thankfully, the Internet has provided a whole new lease of life for humour and novelty publishing, really rather proving that ordinary people are much funnier than people trying to be funny for money.

There are plenty of compilations of the best of some of the funny websites around. Of course, not all of these websites are funny, some are downright cruel, but I do love some of them, especially the incomparable icanhascheezburger?

I was wondering whether we could adapt some of these ideas for our own nefarious purposes of satirising Barnet's incompetent politicians. Brian Coleman, of course, already has many blogs devoted - utterly devoted - to him, but there surely is room for icanhasfreechampagne? featuring LOLColeman?

This would obviously be in marked contrast to the Glum Councillors blog. Coleman would never feel at home in this company.

Here are some more blogs that made me chortle this evening:
Crap At My Parents' House
Learn From My Fail

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