Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Barnet Press journos vote for more industrial action

Just a quick one to bring you news that the Tindle Newspapers journalists, producers of the Barnet Press, who struck recently to protest against unfilled posts and an impossible workload have voted unanimously for further action in a ballot. They'll be joined this time by their editor. Here's a report on the website.

The Enfield journalists will play host at the public launch of a campaign by their union, the NUJ, to defend local newspapers. Details:
6.30pm, Monday 4 July at the Dugdale Centre, Thomas Hardy House, London Road, Enfield Town, EN2 6DS; speakers include the local MP and the new general secretary of the NUJ Michelle Stanistreet.


David Duff said...

And so we bid farewell to The Barnet Press as the sun sinks in the west and the number of unemplyed journalists rises up.

(Have they got ink for brains?)

Citizen Barnet said...

I knew it would be you. Look, if the conditions of work become intolerable do people have a right to protest against that or not?