Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Barnet's Big Society Innovation Bank - another gimmick that sticks in the craw

Today Nick Hurd, the minister for civil society, will come to launch Barnet's Big Society Innovation Bank (BSIB). The BSIB is offering £200,000 a year for the next three years for Big Society projects large and small. Details here.

There's an invitation-only launch event at the Arts Depot - ironic, given the council cut its funding - today, and tomorrow a meeting for people who think they might like to bid for a grant. Reserve a place (first come, first served) by emailing

I would like to wish everyone who is bidding good luck. But I have to say, "What a load of old shit!" Sorry for coming over all Nan, but, honestly...

Barnet council's cutting grants to voluntary bodies left, right and centre and offering gratuitous insults to the army of volunteers that run Barnet Museum, as it seeks to close the Museum down and flog off the building. Yet it's set up a Big Society Innovation Bank? Do us a favour. This really sticks in the craw!

And who's this Nick Hurd when he's at home, anyway? Who's ever heard of him? Nick Hurd? Thick turd, more like... (Nan, give it a rest.)

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Mr Mustard said...

So not Big Society and not a bank either. Typical spin from Barnet - I am feeling rather dizzy.