Thursday, 30 June 2011

Helen Davies, Barnet Unison, pays tribute to Alan Homes

Helen Davies, Barnet Unison branch chair, chair of Barnet TUC has paid this tribute to Alan Homes:
I’ve just read the news about Alan and on one of the most significant days for our movement we have to hear this terrible news. Alan worked very hard for his members and was clearly someone absolutely dedicated to the Trade Union movement. I worked with him and the other colleagues representing school staff on negotiating committees so many times.

Alan seemed to be a bottomless pit of knowledge about details relating to all kinds of agreements, laws and regulations which he seemed to relish regaling management teams with. He was firm and forceful in negotiations and very supportive to our union. I cannot say there were never any disagreements between us but they were fraternal and I had great respect for someone who had the patience to give me and others who were less familiar with the ropes time to learn and help us participate in the discussions we had.

I never really spoke to Alan about his private life, but if his dancing and exuberance at our social events was anything to go by, he lived life to the full.

Like so many others I’m sure he had so much more to give and his contribution would have been gratefully received. Our sincerest condolences go out to his wife and family. I wish he were still here.

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