Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Colindale: it has a tube station, and flats for sale - er, that's it

I've been wondering what sort of a write-up estate agents might give Colindale as they strain to flog the many new flats being built in the area. I could only imagine that it would be something like this - if you live in Colindale or nearby, you will guffaw at the prose. Here's a sample:
There are plenty of excellent pubs and restaurants in Colindale, especially in the bustling surroundings of Edgware Road, while the generally friendly atmosphere makes for a pleasant shopping experience.

Nearby attractions include the Royal Air Force Museum London, which boasts an historical aircraft collection and an extensive film library.

Admission is to the museum is free and events take place there all year round.

Watling Market, which takes place weekly in Burnt Oak station car park, is also well worth a look, especially for those with an eye for a bargain.
Now, I don't think Colindale's all bad, but it is, more than any place I know, a work-in-progress. I think the best thing that you can say for it in its current condition is that it's accessible. Yes, you can get on a tube station and get out of there for your entertainment, fine dining, views, nature walks, etc.

I think a truer description of Colindale would be: it has a tube station; if you buy one of our flats, you can sleep there.

Seeing this story about how Barnet council want to decant the Orion school from Lanacre Avenue onto a bigger site currently occupied by a sports and social club, shows the problem they have. They are packing in the new flats, but there is sod all in the way of infrastructure or facilities for all the new residents.

In providing a school for the rising number of children, they simultaneously take away one of the few leisure venues in the area.


Mrs Angry said...

mmm but you have forgotten the wonderful newspaper library, part of the British Library, in which I have spent many happy hours: listed building, due to be closed down soon of course and stock transferred elsewhere. Go and see it now, before it goes ...

vickim57 said...

Yes, I expect that will be converted into flats.

I can't keep up with all the changes. The building over the tube station has gone, a new road has appeared next to the Pulse (!) development...

I think I must go back and look at the Colindale Area Action Plan - thought once was enough a couple of years ago.