Sunday, 4 September 2011

"Our Barnet" - latest issue published

I have been busy for a few days editing and laying out the latest issue of Our Barnet, the newspaper of the anti-cuts group Barnet Alliance for Public Services.

You can access the pages here.

It gets printed tomorrow, so if you see any glaring inaccuracies, please drop me a line c/o (This invitation is obviously a gift to readers such as David Duff...)

I still might be able to intervene to change things! You see, it is hard to just let something go!

I hope you find something you like in it. I'm relatively pleased with it! (High praise indeed.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could make the front page rather less, well, intimidating.

There is really too much text! However, you could possibly change the two blocks of quotes into a different typeface or colour, to break things up a bit. And make the last paragraph in bold, as a "reward" to the reader for getting through it all.

The other pages could be quickly scanned in the same frame of mind.

Sorry if that sounds unhelpful. No doubt there has been lots of work.

vickim57 said...

Thanks, that's genuinely useful!

I can make changes to the online version, and I'll do what you suggest.

There really was no way to cover all the ground in fewer words, although I agree it's a lot of words!

I'm guessing that those who want to know about One Barnet will stick with it.

The red crossheads was an attempt to break it up.

Anonymous said...

There is a tweet from "#lostbannerisback".

So, it is?

vickim57 said...

Nope! (The banner seems to have gone all potty mouth - can't say I blame it, given who it's hanging out with.)