Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Barnet workers strike to defend their pensions

I don't have a full picture of the pensions strikes across Barnet today, but I would say that they were well supported. I went to Edgware Hospital on my way to work, on the offchance that there might be a picket line. There was. (See picture.) The unions had agreed, I would say, a substantial amount of emergency cover with management. Nevertheless, those on the picket line were upbeat about the strike, exuberant, I would say!

They enjoyed support from passers by, and residents visited them with hot drinks.

The unions represented were Unison Barnet PCT and Mental Health branch, Unison Occupational Therapists, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and the Society of Podiatrists.

Those I spoke to expect that there will be more industrial action in the New Year. Frankly, there will need to be unless the government makes some movement. The new, higher pensions contributions are due to start in April.

The second picture here is of Barnet unions and their supporters at the wonderful TUC demonstration in central London this afternoon. The spirit was great!

More pictures available here.

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