Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Support the pensions strikes! Visit a picket line!

There is a long list of picket lines in Barnet tomorrow. If you are not directly involved in the strike, please make the effort to visit a picket line and show your support. It makes a difference to the people who are on strike.

The press has not been all bad for the strikers. It is, after all, difficult to vilify a huge segment of the working population who will be on strike and still hope to sell newspapers to them. But many of the strikers won't have done it before, and are probably feeling slightly nervous. So a member of the public taking the time to say "we support you" will make a difference.

If you are a member of the public that doesn't support the strikes, do feel free to leave a comment. I am happy to engage in debate and try to change your mind (even David Duff).

I'll attempt to put here a list of picket lines that I know about, but there will probably be many more. (I am especially under-informed about NHS and Jobcentre picket lines. And, of course, most of the schools will be closed!)

The picket lines start in the morning; some last all day. Many strikers and supporters will head to central London around midday for a march organised by the South East Region of the TUC. Barnet folk are meeting at the Cochrane Theatre, Southampton Row, WC1 at noon. The march assembles in Lincoln's Inn Fields, from 12 and sets off at 1pm. It goes to Victoria Embankment for a rally at 2pm.
Picket lines in Barnet on 30 November

Barnet council sites:
North London Business Park N11 1NP (from 7am)
Barnet House N20 0EJ (from 7am)
Mill Hill Depot NW7 1BL (from 6am)
Hendon Library NW4 4BQ (from 9am)
Chipping Barnet Library EN5 4QT (from 9am)

Barnet College:
Wood Street EN5 4AZ & Grahame Park NW9 5RA (from 7.30am)

Middlesex University:
Hendon campus, The Burroughs

Civil service:
Barnet County Court, Regent's Park Road, N3 1BQ
Berkeley House, 302-304 Regents Park Road N3 2JY
If you can add any to the roll-call this evening, please do. I expect to make an album of pictures from the day, so if you have any photos to share please email them to barnetalliance@gmail.com.

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