Thursday, 7 April 2011

All-London anti-cuts meeting, Saturday 9 April

I'm (perhaps overly) excited about the meeting detailed below, taking place this Saturday.

Several far-left groups have organised launch events for organisations that declared themselves the umbrella for the anti-cuts movement. This on Saturday is actually much more what we need: a getting together of groups rooted in the boroughs. It's belated, but that's because too many people spent too much energy (and money) organising big conferences in expensive venues with top tables groaning with "celebs" that left no time for genuine discussion and organising.

I hope Saturday is not a disappointment! There will be representatives going from the Barnet Alliance for Public Services, and I'm going for Barnet trades council. I'll report back.

And it's open for anyone to attend.

London’s Local Anti-Cuts Alliances
Saturday 9th April 11am-3pm
South Camden Community School
Charrington Street, NW1 1RG

For all those involved in anti-cuts organisations in London, hosted by Camden United Against Cuts
Following the magnificent March 26 show of strength, how can residents and community groups, workers and trades unionists work together to resist the planned cuts, closures and moves to privatisation?
- How can we build an effective mass grass-roots movement to defend public services throughout every corner of London?
- An event for sharing and discussing our experiences and ideas


11am: Registration / picking up information / networking

11.30am: Round up of ‘what’s worked / success stories’ from campaigns

12.30pm: Workshops / discussions
a. Involving and building links with Trade Unions and workplaces generally
b. Involving and building links with Community Groups and residents generally
c. Campaigning around local health issues
d. Campaigning around local education issues

1.45 – 3pm Final session
To report back ideas for action in the coming weeks/months from the workshops.

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