Friday, 22 April 2011

This week's Barnet Press: an inferior product

If you get a copy of this week's Barnet Press and wonder why it's looking a bit ropey, the reason is that it was produced in conditions of semi-clandestinity - probably at the offices of South London Press, although not by SLP regulars.

If it looks ropey, it's because it and other titles in the North London and Herts Tindle Newspapers stable were produced by who knows, because the staff that usually produce them have been on strike since Tuesday. They believe the only way the standard of the journalism in these papers can be maintained is to increase the number of journalists producing them by the figure of... one.

That's right, they are asking for just one more journalist to be hired on the papers. But the proprietor Ray Tindle has resisted this. After a year of fruitless negotiations, the NUJ members at the papers decided to organise a strike, Tuesday-Thursday this week, Tuesday-Thursday next week.

If you think the Barnet Press looks rubbish when it isn't produced by the regular staff, and if you want to support the standard of local journalism and the call for an extra journalist, please drop a line to Sir Ray Tindle:

Sir Ray Tindle
Tindle Newspapers
The Old Court House
Union Road

You can visit the strikers' blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ray,

I do believe that the number of journalists should increase by one and that one should be Vicky Morris!


Mr VM from the far away!