Friday, 1 April 2011

Rolling up my sleeves and looking forward to getting stuck in

I've been reflecting lately on what I'm doing with my life, how I'm spending my time. Being an almost full-time, unpaid agitator who does the odd spot of proofreading is not getting me very far, and I've been getting worn down.

It's confession time. I've applied for and been accepted to train as one of the new community organisers. The pay is not what most of my readers would be happy to accept but £20k is twice what I earned last year. (Yeah, I was pretty shocked too, but I just did last year's tax return, and that was the result.)

And for this I figure I'm going to get to do a lot of what I've been doing already - and get paid! I've got the attributes: I am involved in my community; I'm good at talking to people and finding out their issues; I suggest ways to get things done.

I've got a lot of skills to share: blogging (no, don't laugh!) and using other social media; project management; written communication; team work (plenty of that); and an ability to enthuse and motivate.

I think it's the right step for me right now. I only hope my readers can swallow it.


Anonymous said...

Hi V......
April Fool or for real?
Let me know.......Bunion

Citizen Barnet said...

Definitely April Fool (you are!).

Best wishes,