Friday, 10 February 2012

The Friday film: Brian Coleman's trembling chins

I enjoyed the Adam Bienkov blogpost today aimed against Conservative GLA member Tony Arbour who thinks that most Londoners don't use public transport. I'm guessing he thinks that public funds shouldn't go towards it, therefore. He asks:
...isn't it a principle of Conservatism and taxation that those... who receive a service are those who should pay for it?
Who do we see in the video stroking his jowls and 'hear hear-ing' at this remark but our own GLA member, Brian Coleman. These films are clearly a source of interest to Barnet (and Camden) residents in the run-up to the GLA election on Thursday 3 May, and, if I remember, I'll post more of them. So that you can see what you're paying for.


Mrs Angry said...

God's teeth. Which is worse: the idiotic claim that most Londoners dont use public transport, or the sight of Coleman har harring over the wish that people who use a service should pay for it - apart from taxis for councillors, no doubt?

Mr Mustard said...

So all of those people who get onto the Northern Line after High Barnet are all from out of town? Drive from Hertford to Kentish Town to get on the tube? I don't think so.

I think he really must have meant something else although what apart from the opposite of what he said is hard to work out.

You could write and aks him.

Dan said...

This cretinous idea that those who use a service are the ones who should pay for it pops up again and again. Well, I don't use RBS, how come I'm now paying for it? I'd rather send some more students to University for free than give money to useless Coleman - may I choose? Can I take money off my council tax if I don't use certain services? What pompous cretins!