Wednesday, 15 February 2012

No reprieve for Friern Barnet library - so what happens now?

Despite having appeared to give the community plan for keeping it open a fair hearing, Barnet council has decided to go ahead and close Friern Barnet library. The plan still is for North Finchley and Friern Barnet libraries to 'merge' at a new landmark library up at the Arts Depot.

Some questions:
1. When, if at all, will this landmark library materialise?

2. While a new library at the Arts Depot might not be so bad for North Finchley residents, it would be too far for Friern Barnet residents. (I've seen that for myself now, having gotten around to visiting a couple of weeks ago.)

3. What happens now?
That last might seem a strange question. In the world of the lordly Cabinet member in charge of libraries, Robert Rams, the decision being made, of course it will be enacted. Is he right, in any sense of the word 'right'?

It's just a question I'm putting out there. If it were my local library, and it were so cherished as Friern Barnet library is, I would not throw in the towel yet.

  • Times series report of the closure and Save Friern Barnet Library group reaction here.
  •  Paper going to the Barnet council Cabinet meeting on 20 February making the case for closing the library available here.

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