Wednesday, 8 February 2012

UPDATED Squeezed middle revolts against Barnet council parking regime

Blimey, a group of traders in Southgate have vowed not to pay their council tax in protest at Barnet council's new parking regime. The Times series reports:
George Kafizas, who owns Brooks Diner in Hapmden [sic] Square, is leading the fight against the pay-by-phone system of paying for parking which replaced pay-and-display in November.

Mr Kafizas, 50, from Shamrock Way, said: “Everyone in the square is against what the council has done.

“They have murdered our businesses in cold blood.”
Strong words. There has been a lot of talk about the squeezed middle in this recession; I think the traders belong in that class. They are not taking things lying down!

Full article here.

Less good news today is that Barnet CPZ Action have lost their latest legal bid to get the council to review the outrageous hike in CPZ parking charges. Barnet Press report here.

P.S. I just read Barnet council leader Richard Cornelius's comments about the growing traders' revolt to the Barnet Press (full article here) and had to repeat them:
Council leader Richard Cornelius said he was unhappy to hear businesses were considering moving out of the area, but that it was inevitable the high street would change in the current climate.

“I don’t like to hear talk like that as it would be very nice if businesses thrived,” he said. “Undoubtedly the high street will change but I think it’s always changed.”
Cornelius is really developing his own style of leadership! Everything is most regretable... but, really, nothing can be done! Ever, about anything...


Mr Mustard said...

Speaking as a debt collector Citizen Barnet this will end in tears for the businesses. By all means burn effigies of Cllr Coleman ( adhering to health and safety advice ) but a business must pay its bills if it doesn't wnat to end up with the bailiffs in. Another form of protest is really needed.

If Brian Coleman should come to buy anything; double the price.

Citizen Barnet said...

You're no fun, Mr M.

(This comment is just a potboiler while I scurry off to find tax strikes in history that got somewhere...)