Sunday, 10 July 2011

Barnet council under the hammer

On Friday 8 July Barnet residents protested outside and - briefly, until we were turned back by security - inside North London Business Park where Barnet council has its offices. The council was hosting a "market day" for private companies, including Capita and BT, to come and find out about the more than £1bn worth of contracts up for grabs.

We got a lot of support for the protest from Barnet council staff walking and driving into work. They, of course, are carrying out their own form of protest against being sold to the highest bidder: industrial action. I plan to report properly on this next week as I think it holds the most hope for stopping this insane mass outsourcing.

Senior execs putting on a show at Barnet council can pretend that everything in the Barnet garden is rosy but beyond the atrium at the North London Business Park, where the suits gathered, there is seething resentment among staff at being handed over to the private sector without having a say in the matter.

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