Thursday, 28 July 2011

My big, fat Barnet council contract #1: Development and regulatory services, worth £275 million

To give an idea of the massive scale of the One Barnet outsourcing Programme, here, extracted from a notice on the Barnet Council Procurement Portal, are details of the contract offered for Development and Regulatory Services. Value of contract: £275 million over 10 years.
Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority/entity: Development and Regulatory Services

Short description of the contract or purchase:
Services furnished by business, professional and specialist organisations. Land management services. Architectural, engineering and planning services. Technical planning services. Urban planning and landscape architectural services. Architectural services for buildings. Miscellaneous building structures. Housing services. Development of residential real estate. Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis. Project and design preparation, estimation of costs. Draft plans (systems and integration). Calculation of costs, monitoring of costs. Approval plans, working drawings and specifications. Determining and listing of quantities in construction. Supervision of building work. Supervision of project and documentation. Architectural, engineering and surveying services. Architectural and building-surveying services. Construction management services. Funeral and related services. Funeral services. Cemetery services and cremation services. Cemetery services. Cemetery maintenance services. Cremation services. Work environment services. Civic-amenity services. Car park management services. Civic betterment and community facility support services. Facility related sanitation services. Disinfecting and exterminating services. Pest-control services. Rat-disinfestation services. Fumigation services. Services related to noise pollution. Noise control services. Noise pollution protection services. Noise pollution monitoring services. Noise pollution advisory services. Environmental institution building or planning. Environmental issues consultancy services. Environmental planning. Urban environmental development planning. Environmental services. Environmental management. Environmental impact assessment other than for construction. Risk or hazard assessment other than for construction. Environmental standards other than for construction. Environmental indicators analysis other than for construction. Environmental Impact Assessment EIA services other than for construction. Environmental monitoring other than for construction. Highways engineering services. Highways consultancy services. Administrative housing services. General public services. Administration services. Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works. Quantity surveying services for civil engineering works. Health and safety services. Health and safety consultancy services. Advisory and consultative engineering services. Building services. Building-fabric consultancy services. Building consultancy services. Building services consultancy services. Building surveying services. Building-inspection services. Infrastructure works consultancy services. Structural engineering consultancy services. Environmental engineering consultancy services. Noise-control consultancy services. Environmental impact assessment for construction. Risk or hazard assessment for construction. Environmental standards for construction. Environmental indicators analysis for construction. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services for construction. Environmental monitoring for construction. Commissioning of public lighting installations. Structures and parts of structures. Structures and parts. Miscellaneous structures. Parts of structures. Road traffic-control equipment. Traffic control services. Traffic monitoring services. Records management. Road transport services. Public road transport services. Support services for land transport.

The London Borough of Barnet is looking for a Strategic Partner (SP), single bidder or consortium, to transform the delivery of its Development and Regulatory Services. The London Borough of Barnet wishes to work with the SP to provide a joined-up environmental regulation, design and management function that will develop and maintain the quality of the built environment and help to ensure the health and well being of our citizens.

The services in scope are as follows:
Strategic Services:
* Regeneration
* Strategic Planning and Housing Strategy
* Highways Transport and Regeneration
* Highways Strategy

Operational Services:
* Building Control and Structures
* Planning Development Management
* Land Charges
* Highways Network Management
* Highways Traffic and Development

Public Health, Consumer and Regulatory Services
* Environmental Health
* Trading Standards & Licensing
* Cemetery & Crematorium
* Registration and Nationality Service

The London Borough of Barnet will select whichever service delivery model the competitive dialogue identifies as best meeting our desired outcomes. We will examine strategic partnerships and the option of setting up a legal vehicle jointly, e.g. a joint venture vehicle. We will be open to the discussion of other vehicles and will select our preferred model on the basis of best fit. Different partnership models to maximise the benefits of the partnership and to encourage ongoing innovation and value for money in the provision of services to the public may be discussed as the dialogue progresses.

The interested parties are invited to the Bidder Briefing Day on 5 April 2011...

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