Monday, 25 July 2011

Stop the world, I want to get off!

A bit of a tour of Colindale/Hendon today. I noticed that the 11-day funfair has packed up. Now we know that Barnet council has cottoned on to the fact that it makes money out of funfairs (see how it foisted one on the Finchley Festival) we can expect many, many more.

Montrose Park is becoming a favourite spot. The latest one ran for 11 days and there wasn't even a bank holiday in there anywhere. Term's just broken up, so you can't even say it was for the bored kids.

I imagine the people living opposite the entrance to Montrose Park will begin to feel quite jaded about the constant noise pollution, plus the added crowds walking past (not that it can have attracted many people this time).

I walked through the park this evening as the fair folk were packing up. I don't know if Brian Coleman, the major advocate of fairs with everything, has noticed the similarities between fair folk and travellers, who he despises.

P.S. Lest anyone suspect that I despise travellers, I don't. Now is a good time to plug the demonstration on 10 September (or sooner - it depends on when the eviction begins) to support the travellers of Dale Farm who face being booted off their site in Essex for reasons, it seems, of spite more than anything else.

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