Thursday, 28 July 2011

Opening the gates to hell? Barnet Council's Procurement Portal

Since scores of private companies, we are told, pitched up to Barnet council's “New Support and Customer Services Organisation” (NSCSO) market day on 8 July, and since the council is spending a small fortune advertising events such as this, I figured that it was time to go Googling "Barnet NSCSO".

What did I find? Lo and behold - and, reader, you might have seen this already, but I hadn't - a rich seam to mine for alarming One Barnet (outsourcing) Programme blogpost material.

Welcome to the Barnet Council Procurement Portal. Not the sort of thing most residents ever get to see, and struggling to mis-spell basic words the same way twice (assessable/assessible), this is one of the places where companies large and small (but mostly large) read about the contracts up for grabs at London Borough of Barnet. And the really big ones are on there...

Appearing under the rather odd title of "Services furnished by business, professional and specialist organisations" we find the tender notice for the massive NSCSO contract.

I reproduce extracts from the notice, to give an idea of what is in scope for this massive outsourcing project, in a subsequent blogpost.

The website also carries a plug for the company that, so far as I can tell, designed the website "BiP Solutions and... their PrOJECt product for placing EU public notices".

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