Monday, 10 October 2011

Free tonight? Lambeth bash for Boris...

I don't have tickets to the Conservative Party fundraising bash for Boris at Lambeth Town Hall tonight (seriously?), but I am invited to the Lambeth Save Our Services gig - and so are you! Details:
Please join us for the Bailout Boris (and all South London Conservatives) Bash! Our response to the Lambeth and Southwark Conservative Association fundraising drinks do at Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton.

Lambeth Save Our Services and others would like to celebrate the men and women who brought us the Big Society, and since we cannot afford tickets to all be in it together, we are holding our own fundraiser on its steps. We will be collecting donations for the Conservatives' favourite causes: banks, reduced taxes for the rich, arms-dealing, but do feel free to bring a collection bucket labeled with your own personal favourite! If you do not have any cash, we know they will also happily accept symbolic representations of your job, your shrinking pension and what they have not already stripped of your services, such as adventure playgrounds, libraries, day centres for the elderly and the NHS.

We would ask that formal dress be worn; bring your champagne flutes and martini glasses in the hope someone will provide some drink, and join us in trying to ensure that everyone may eat cake. (Leftovers will be donated to the new Norwood Foodbank, recently started up to prevent starvation in South London).

When: 6:30 pm, Monday, October 10th
Where: The front steps of Lambeth Town Hall
Why: Bit cheeky of the conservatives to fundraise in Brixton, don't you think?

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