Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Putting you out of your keyword misery #1: Put the kettle on mother

Any blogger will by now have amused themselves and their readers with a discussion of the words (keywords) that people use to find their way to their blog. Often quite inappropriate words.

I am starting a new and occasional series on my blog called "Putting you out of your keyword misery" where I attempt to put searchers out of their misery by supplying what I think is the answer to their search.

Today: I believe that the answer to the question of who said "Put the kettle on mother" is 1960s Radio 1 DJ David Symonds (witness). (I know, I know, the things that keep people up at night...)

Put a pennny in the pint glass on your way out, if you please. (My catchphrase.)

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Mrs Angry said...

What a brilliant idea ... except a lot of mine would be unpublishable. Lots of interest in spanking in Barnet leads certain readers to my blog, to their great disappointment, ending up on a post ranting about selective education or one on dementia.

I think you are wrong about put the kettle on mother: isn't it from some pre war radio comedy show, something awful with Arthur Askey?