Monday, 12 April 2010

Blogness abounds

In a generous spirit, I thought I'd direct you to some of Barnet's other bloggers. Some of them are very new, whether they will stay the course we shall see. Many are called but few can be arsed to churn out a daily blogpost (daily or thereabouts).

I don't think Mrs Angry of the Broken Barnet blog will have any trouble on that score. She blogs with the patience of the aggrieved. Her blog is mainly about her troubles with her antisocial neighbours and getting Barnet council or the police to help her deal with them. EasyCouncil is supposed to sort out forever "problem" families like the Smiths who live next door to Mrs Angry. But I feel that the horse has bolted, and that whatever Lynne Hillan and her friends can achieve in that direction, Mrs Angry will think it is too little too late.

I predict that Mrs Angry will come out for the Residents Association of Barnet (RAB) in the council elections.

Welcome too the Barnet Bugle who seems to have the inside dope on developments in local politics. He is so quick with the stories he puts us all to shame, and Twitters as well. (He? Why do I assume the Bugle is a he? Well, women never trumpet so loudly.)

There are two new blogs keeping an eye on development (not developments) in different parts of the borough: Colindale Renewal and Mill Hill East Development.

Never forget Not the Barnet Times by someone who doesn't want you to call him Dave. During this election period, he cannot resist breaking his vow of silence. Or the Barnet Eye by Roger Tichborne, who is standing for the council. His comments are almost as robust as ever, bearing in mind that he is now in the business of wooing voters.

P.S. I felt pretty smug coming up with the title of this blogpost, but websearch shows that it has occurred to many others.

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