Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Welcome to two-tier, pay-twice Barnet - it's orange, as well, by the way!

Most Barnet bloggers have concentrated on Lynne Hillan's fumbling 15 minutes of fame on BBC1's "Politics Show" last Sunday. But the whole segment on how London boroughs will cope with the looming cuts storm bears watching. You can see it here.

I don't agree with Labour Lambeth's solution, making the residents run more things themselves, because I don't believe it is a solution. In any case, the politicians in Labour town halls advocating such measures are part of the governing party and should be pressuring the party in government NOT to make cuts!

But Lambeth council leader Steve Reed's criticisms of the easyCouncil model seem to me entirely just, when he calls it the "two-tier, pay-twice" model.

And why is Barnet orange, according to the programme? Because that's the easyJet colour.

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