Thursday, 22 April 2010

Coleman in the soup again

Seeing the latest scrape that Brian Coleman has got himself into - questioned by the police over accusations that he intimidated another candidate in the council elections (Times series report here) - reminds me how irritated I am that he is standing again for election to the council.

Obviously, it's very irritating in itself, but it's particularly irritating to me because, for some reason, I had convinced myself that he wouldn't stand. Why on earth did I think that? Coleman is a relatively young man; whatever else happens in his political career (ahem), he needs a political base to strike out from, and where nicer than Totteridge and Whetstone to have a base?

And the reason that I'm so particularly galled is because I had thought if a trade-union minded independent should stand anywhere in Barnet it should be in Coleman's ward, explicitly against Coleman. We should have the courage of our convictions - he certainly does!

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