Saturday, 8 January 2011

Arts Depot flashmob this Monday - tweet that, Barnet!

The way they go on about the joys of social media, you would think that the Tory administration at Barnet council had invented Facebook. In fact, as most residents know to their cost, most Barnet Tories would have trouble tying their own shoelaces.

The Arts Depot, whose grant the council is threatening to cut, leaving the only professional arts venue in Barnet with 11% less funding, are hoisting Barnet Tories with their own petard (historical term, which someone at Barnet or Church Farmhouse Museums could explain to us). They have organised a flash mob at North London Business Park, where the council has most of its offices, this coming Monday 10 January.

I thought a flash mob was supposed to be a surprise event, sprung on the unwary, but never mind. It's such a schlepp to NLBP you do need to give people plenty of notice to get there. Just so long as they don't expect council leader Lynne Hillan to stick around to see it. Here are some more details:
Sssshhhh - FLASHMOB on Monday!

Monday 10 January, 4.30pm, meet outside Building 4 entrance at North London Business Park N11 1NP. Help artsdepot respond to the proposed cut of all core funding with effect from April with a silent vigil. You don’t need to bring anything with you but YOU. Any questions on Monday, call 07952 048574.


David Duff said...

I suggest that the council take a careful count of how many people turn up to form this mob and then deduct a further £1,000 per head from the budget of this almost certainly useless, so-called "Arts Depot" which caters, I guess, to an even tinier fraction of the Barnet population than the library!

Oh, Happy New Year, by the way.

vickim57 said...

The library. The library. Which library? Barnet has several libraries. I can see that you don't have much need for The Library. (You have told us already that your preferred reading matter is a mmpb from Asda.)

It doesn't sound like you have much of a social life, either.

Best wishes and happy new year, DD. Hope things pick up for you.

David Duff said...

Social life?

What is this thing called "social life"?

I just slump here and snarl at people.

Such fun!

"Several Libraries". Disgraceful "What need one?"

Mrs Angry said...

Mr Duff: you must try and get out more. Please trundle off to your nearest public library, find a decent book to read, and widen your horizons a little.

Vicki: just come back from the Netroots event and I predict that Barnet's sudden enthusiasm for social media may wane somewhat in the near future, as the online political opposition campaigns that have been so successful in the US are starting to flourish here, even in dear old Barnet ...

Johnny on the Web said...

Conservative Home has an article about Lynne Hillan plugging Pledgebank and saying that she will be encouaging people to give their time. As you say you would think the conservatives had invented social media.