Monday, 10 January 2011

Brian Coleman's gagging antics

Tory Troll blog reports on Brian Coleman, chair of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA), moving to stop scrutiny at meetings of the authority.

An emergency meeting this Thursday will vote on
"a proposal from Chairman and Leader [Coleman] to revise the Standing Orders of the Authority in order to cease the practice of Members of the Authority putting questions to the Chairman and Leader of the Authority."
The "reasoning" from Coleman is that
"LFEPA is an executive board, not a scrutiny body"
"There is no statutory requirement for question time. The Authority may therefore decide to remove Standing Order 21 [allowing questions to the Chairman]."
He must sit at home working on these ploys. Coleman, new year, still a schlemiel.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Could you avoid using the words "Brian Coleman" and "gagging" in the same sentence!

David Duff said...

Provisionally, and based entirely on your version of the matter, I think Cllr. Coleman deserves a slap!

Oh, I forgot, you're a girlie, so it had better be a handbag job - and give him one for me even though, blissfully, I live nowhere near London.

vickim57 said...

You're getting camper by the day, DD. Have you met Don't Call Me Dave, by the way? You would approve of his name, seeing that you dislike diminutives.

P.S. It's Vicki, not Victoria.

David Duff said...

"It's Vicki, not Victoria".

Then your parents deserve a slap! How could they avoid a beautiful name like 'Victoria'? Shockin', shockin'!

Unless, of course, you are a nice, middle-class girl called Victoria but in a desperate attempt to increase your proletarian 'cred' you will now only answer to 'Vicky'. If so, it's you deserves a slap! (Er, not a real one, of course, I don't wish to be accused of using "vitriolic language".)

David Duff said...

Ooops, sorry - "Vicki" - and that's even worse!

Mrs Angry said...

Vicki: I think you've pulled - maybe it's your duty to show Mr Duff the error of his ways, and wean him off the lap dancing, as well as an over use of exclamation marks? Must warn you though: he also seems to be rather smitten with a Fox news presenter, so don't get your hopes up ...