Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Barnet Tories: taking the frills out of Barnet

Congratulations to the "Don't Call Me Dave" blogger David Miller (can I mention his name?) for spotting the mention of easyCouncil on the Mock the Week programme. I tend to agree with the comedienne, Holly Walsh, I think it is, who says
If you're going to do a no-frills government at least do it somewhere that had frills in the first place. Taking the frills out of Barnet is like taking the charisma out of Milton Keynes.
I know both places fairly well and, though it might sound disloyal, from where I sit she makes a strong point.

There was a fashion - and almost certainly still is - for companies, NGOs, boroughs, etc, to give themselves, alongside a logo designed at absurd expense, a tagline consisting of the present participle of a verb (grammar is not my strong point, I should say) and some sort of positive sentiment. I can't off the top of my head think of any examples (although I used to collect particularly absurd ones) and I could never work out what one would call what I'm talking about so I can't even Google it, but if I say that Barnet Tories could henceforth call themselves (though they wouldn't) "Barnet Tories - taking the frills out of Barnet", you would know what I mean.

(Too much caffeine, I think. Can I go back to bed now?)

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