Thursday, 20 January 2011

Methodist questions Brian Coleman's cheap rent

A Methodist blogger, Mr John Cooper, is questioning why his church is renting out a cheap, rent-controlled flat to Barnet Conservative councillor Brian Coleman, who receives around £128,000 a year from his various political posts.

Read the blogpost here.

Coleman at a recent Barnet Cabinet meeting shouted "the market should decide!" during an item on Tory plans to end secure tenancies in social housing and let social housing rents rise closer to commercial market rents. I don't agree with the policy; but in Coleman's case, since he's so adamant, I think we would be prepared to make an exception.

As a side note, John Cooper heard about Coleman at the Netroots event recently hosted by the TUC, and I heard about him hearing about Coleman just now via Twitter. Viva social media!

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