Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Top banker slags off Barnet Alliance - we must be doing something right!

Rog T has defended the honour of Barnet anti-cuts campaigners against a top banker. Colin Hewett sent an abusive email to the email address of the Barnet Alliance for Public Services.

You can read the correspondence on Rog's "Barnet Future Shape" blog.

Here's Hewett's Linked In information for you to judge the calibre of our critics:
Colin Hewett’s Experience
(Public Company; 10,001+ employees; NMR; Investment Banking industry)

Currently holds this position

Executive Director
Nomura International plc
(Banking industry)

1981 — Present (30 years)


Anonymous said...

Surely you judge an argument on it's merit and not on who is making it?

Some would dismiss the 'wailings' of the Union's on 'cuts' as self interested, just because you are trades unionists. You would be outraged at that attack, wouldn't you?

vickim57 said...

It's kind of a joke, Daniel.

But, more seriously, it's worth knowing that someone might have a personal (or class) interest.

I would certainly concede that the unions have a personal and group/class interest in opposing the cuts. The difference between public sector unions and bankers is that public sector unions represent the direct personal interests of millions of workers and their families, while the bankers represent the interests of a few (I don't know, a few thousand?) bankers and their families plus bank's shareholders and their families.

There is, of course, the wider social question: public sector workers work run the services used by almost all of us. Bankers run the banks that run the economy - or do they simply hold it to ransom?

I'm at work now, so that's my quick riposte! Not very developed. More later, perhaps.

Best wishes,

Moaneybat said...


If the best the man's got is, " you're trades unionists of course you'd be outraged" na nahnah nah nah! Some argument, not forgetting after his "friends" deselected him they lost £40 odd millon over the past 8 years and somehow, he equated that to the local Labour group for the collapse of the British economy.

I would have thought that a Director of Nomura (wonder who paid for his Uni education) would have some dignity be e-mailing Middlebrand instead of, the local community opposed to cuts. After all, it was his banking colleagues who lost millions then came to the "workers" or was it Government money, for a bailout? Saving them jobs and their homes. As for Mr DHope who suggests judging an argument on it's merits, Guess Which Political Party in Barnet is responsible for as the Nomura chap put it "the ridiculous amount spent on countless artificial schemes and layer after layer after layer of ineffective management milking the system at the North London Business Park," I add, also for the loss of £40 million approximately. Let's not forget the compensation packages for those you were responsible for 'Lost in Iceland.'