Friday, 21 September 2012

A bad business

Barnet's bloggers are bound by the same reporting restrictions as everyone else so you can't expect to hear what we collectively - no, once again, I wasn't there myself - know about the events in North Finchley yesterday afternoon until - if - things get as far as a trial (!).

But we're safe enough saying Cllr Brian Coleman was arrested for common assault yesterday (or early this morning), has been bailed and must attend a police station again at the end of October.

You can "read all about it" - or as much of it as we are allowed to read about - in this report - "Councillor arrested for assault after camera row" - in the Evening Standard today.

Whether Coleman committed an assault or not, and whether or not it involved North Finchley's Cafe Buzz owner Helen Michael, this is for certain a bad business. Best wishes to Helen.

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