Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Friern Barnet Library opening hours

According to this excellent blogpost by Roger "Barnet Eye" Tichborne, Barnet Council appear to have made a rather poor fist of things in court on Tuesday, and the Friern Barnet Library occupiers to have played their hand rather well. In short, the eviction hearing has been postponed till 9 October in order for the occupiers to prepare a case why they should not be booted out of the re-opened Friern Barnet Library.

In the meantime, the library is now open 6 days a week, lending books and providing a meeting place for the community.

Here are extracts from their latest newsletter:
Friern Barnet Library has been reopened by activists and local volunteers and is open Monday-Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Your library is not just a place to borrow books - it is a community space which also offers a range of free activities for all. Books have kindly been donated by the local community. However, we understand that running this library effectively requires the expertise of a paid librarian so we are putting pressure on the council for reinstatement of funding.
Please drop into the library to find out more about our special events. If you want to run an event email us.
Get involved!
We need your help to save the library:
Urgent: Fridge needed
Bring more books: We need more books, especially for older children. We are also collecting toys, DVDs and CDs.
Sign up to the rota: the library will only be able to stay open if we have enough people to staff it. We need people to volunteer for two hour slots to check books in and out, accept donations, etc. If you can spare the time, please stop in at the library and sign up to the rota.
Make yourself heard: phone, email, text, tweet and visit Barnet Council and the media explaining why the library is important.
Spread the word: tell friends and neighbours about us.
Come and meet us: we have organising meetings each Monday at 6-7pm and Saturday 1-2pm.
Hope to see you there soon,
Friern Barnet Community Library






Police and Councillors will join a meeting hosted by Barnet Community Safety Engagement Group in Hendon Town Hall in the "The Borroughs" at 7pm.

Be prepared . . .

1. Know yourself

2. Know your Racial Codes

3. Know your place and get in line


You White Supremacist Racists are cordially invited to take this opportunity to humble yourselves, yield to the power and reconsider your ideological position which has obviously become untenable.

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I'll pass, thanks.