Friday, 28 September 2012

Ye Big Olde Society: Or, A Great Saturday Night Out in Friern Barnet

News update from the Friern Library community hub (as the occupation is now named). Please note that tomorrow evening (Saturday 29th) there is a great programme on at the library featuring blogger Mr Reasonable and his 'One Barnet' magic box, and the wonderful Pete the Temp, a comic poet and singer and general bundle of energy.

I feel that we should be producing some sort of music hall style posters for the happenings at Friern Barnet Library these days. In Barnet we are back to making our own entertainment - and providing our own library services! Is this what they meant by Ye Big Olde Society?!
Friern Barnet library update

FANTASTIC NEWS: over 3,000 books have been donated, **thank you** everyone. We also need SHELVES! CHAIRS! TABLES! COMPUTERS!

Meeting with council officials, Friary House, Friary Park WEDNESDAY, 3 October, 3pm (tbc) - all welcome.  
Various working groups have been set up - come into the library and join us.
Please bring food to share - evening meal every night at 7pm
Tues 6.30-7.30pm - Pilates
Wed 6-7pm New Author - reading from his novel
7-8.15pm Yoga - come, enjoy some peaceful exercise
Thu 11.30am-12.15pm Teddy Bears' Picnic - stories and activities
7-9pm-  Music night - open mic
Friday 4-5pm - French - beginners and advanced

THIS Sat 10am-12noon Chemistry Lesson GCSE/A level

7-9pm -  Mr Reasonable and the Magic Box:
one of Barnet's famous five bloggers tells us about "ONE BARNET" plans for privatisation, followed by discussion.

also Pete the Temp and Catherine (Cat) Brogan

Get involved!
We need your help to save the library:

Sign up to the rota:  the library will be able to stay open only if we have enough people to staff it. We need people to volunteer for two-hour slots to check books in and out, accept donations, etc. If you can spare the time, please stop in at the library and sign up to the rota.

Make yourself heard: phone, email, text, tweet and visit Barnet Council and the media explaining why the library is important.

Spread the word: tell friends and neighbours about us.

Come and meet us: we have organising meetings each Monday at 6-7pm

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