Friday, 14 September 2012

The Friday Joke: Booooo!

I was going to apologise for posting this great joke for it being slightly dated. But I decided to plough ahead because, frankly, there is an added poignancy in watching this.

It seems now to belong to an earlier, more innocent age when all we had to worry about was the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition's ideologically driven austerity drive, with its sombre repercussions here in Barnet in the shape of the 'One Barnet' privatisation programme.

Since those halycon days, all of a week ago, when we enjoyed brilliant weather, brilliant sport and a warm, fuzzy sense of all quite liking each other (apart from the Government, of course), it feels like something significant has changed.

We have seen ambassadors killed and embassies burned over some stupid film that some deservedly anonymous fool made in the US; harrowing revelations about the Hillsborough disaster and cover-up including the shameful role of South Yorkshire Police; a miserable reminder of the pathetic preoccupations of the mainstream media in the furore around the contemptible invasion of privacy of a nice enough, middle-class woman aka the Duchess of Cambridge, who happens to be married to the future King (the what?!).


I'm sure I've left something out, oh, yes, the return to prominence in Barnet (small pond? Turn left at Hampstead Heath) of one of the most venal, arrogant and insensitive excuses for a bourgeois 'politician' ever spawned. I don't even have to say the name.

Gosh, if he were handing out the medals now, Chancellor George Osborne should think himself lucky only to be booed. Oh, yes, I nearly forgot, the 'joke':

Q. Why did 80,000 people boo George Osborne?
A. Because that's the maximum capacity of the Olympic Stadium. (Kevin Mcveigh)

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