Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The King of Something, OR: Brian Coleman's blog

I've been rather out of the loop lately, but I'm catching up now.

I thought I would register that Brian Coleman is now blogging with a blog called 'The King of Bling is Back'.

The pictures along the top of the front page show where he thinks he is headed: Tower Bridge (Tower of London more like); Houses of Parliament (extremely unlikely to make MP, however, Mike Freer might take pity and invite him for a drink one day); Buckingham Palace (might sneak an invitation to a garden party at some point).

I feel slightly uneasy being, well, mean about Brian on a personal level, but he does invite it, especially after last night's performance at the Barnet Council meeting.

There is footage on the Barnet Bugle blog.

Coleman gives his own version of the evening's events in today's blogpost titled "Get a Life!".

Is the Coleman blog real? I would lay money on it.

The 'bio' panel reads like something you read on the dustjacket of an autobiography: Coleman is rumoured to be writing one.

Knowing him, it won't be ghost-written, but he will need the services of an editor with a strong will and perhaps a strong stomach. No, I'm not offering.


Now that I've read Coleman's post I find that it is not about last night's meeting at Hendon Town Hall. Instead it is an attempt to pre-empt any negative comeback on himself from that by making a scathing and fanciful attack on Barnet bloggers he doesn't have the courage to name - although he includes pictures of Mr Mustard, Mrs Angry and the Barnet Eye.

The worst thing one can say about any writer is that they indulge in loose talk. Sometimes people make mistakes; sometimes they exaggerate. But the insinuation Coleman makes in one passage that Barnet bloggers are responsible for attacking his elderly mother in the street is beyond pardonable.

Man, you are on very slippery ground now.


Mrs Angry said...

The old fool may not have named us, but identifying us with images is still risking a charge of libel. What an idiot he is.

Citizen Barnet said...

I am quite sure that he has committed libel. It's just whether any one of the three of you can be bothered to pursue it.

And I don't think you'd win that much at the moment! The shirt off his back? Hm, perhaps not.

But, satisfaction... maybe.

Rog T said...

I think that he's making a real arse of himself. The more the people of Barnet see of him, the more damage he does the local Tories.