Thursday, 26 April 2012

Anyone But Coleman? Just make sure it's Andrew Dismore!

Barnet CPZ Action have produced a great poster for the London Assembly election next week on Thursday 3 May. It calls on people to vote for Anyone But Coleman.

The anti-cuts group Barnet Alliance last night decided to put this poster on its blog. We have supported the campaign against the hikes in parking charges for residents living in Controlled Parking Zones. It's a great poster! And we agree with the sentiment behind it.

But on a personal level I would go further and ask people to vote for the Labour candidate Andrew Dismore on Thursday.

For the constituency seat, you only get one vote. It matters very much how you use it.

If you want to see the back of Brian Coleman but you would ordinarily vote Conservative, and you're definitely not going to vote for another party, your choice is simple: don't vote for Coleman! Just don't vote for him. Stay your pencil! Coleman doesn't deserve your vote, even if you are a Conservative. He doesn't deserve any voter's vote.

Why not? Because he's uniformly rude to residents and colleagues, unapologetic when pulled up for his behaviour, pig-headed and often wrong-headed in the area of policy, and shamelessly greedy at tax-payers' expense. (I could go on.)

If you are a Liberal Democrat or Green voter please think about switching to Labour for this election. Andrew Dismore can beat Brian Coleman, but only if he gets more votes than Coleman! It's as stark as that. If you vote Liberal Democrat or Green in this election - for the Constituency seat - you are not casting an effective vote, if getting rid of Brian Coleman is what matters to you.

I don't honestly know how UKIP ("Fresh Choice for London"!) voters swing, but I'm guessing the advice would be the same to them.

(I've never been a strategic voter, but some can do it when the devil drives!)

If you're a Labour voter make sure you turn out on Thursday. Remind sympathetic family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc, to vote.

If finding out more about him could persuade you to vote for Andrew Dismore - or not to vote against him! - please visit his website:

Dismore wrote recently to the Camden New Journal about Coleman's almost total lack of work in Camden, which he also represents on the London Assembly:

[A] Freedom of Information request I submitted to Camden Council... revealed that since the last London elections, Mr Coleman had not written a single letter to any Camden Chief Officer about any subject whatsoever.

One perverse byproduct of his inactivity in Camden is that Coleman is not so hated there as he is in Barnet, where he is far too active! Turnout in Camden could be relatively low. A lot hinges therefore on the turnout in Barnet where Coleman and his works are well known.

Yes, it must be Anyone But Coleman on 3 May but if you really want to see the back of Coleman, if you can, please make sure you vote for Andrew Dismore!


David Duff said...

Would that be the Andrew Dismore the ex-MP who allowed an expelled member of the Labour party to campaign for him; and who had some severe questions to answer concerning £65k of expenses on two homes in London; and who claimed expenses for the equivalent of 487 journeys to and from parliament despite parliament only sitting for 145 days; and who 'forgot' to declare on the register of interests the fact that the Cypriot parliament paid for **several** visits to Cyprus?

Would that be your man, Vicki? Gosh, you must be proud of him!
Up the workers!

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:

From November 2010. Shame it took you all so long to get your act in gear.

Citizen Barnet said...

DD, you've raked some mud. If I have time I'll respond in detail.


1. Did I say Dismore was perfect?

2. You should see the other guy!

DCMD, was your comment addressed to me? Glad lines of communication are open again: even if it's just for the occasional massive row.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

My comments were aimed at everyone who has belatedly realised how effective a simple ABC campaign could be. The majority of voters do not read blogs or local papers. Why are these things always left to the last minute?

In my part of Underhill there has not been any canvassing or campaigning by any of the parties contesting the election. Some of my neighbours only realised there was an election when their postal ballot papers arrived (who knew there were 37 people living next door?) Frankly, none of the candidates deserve to be elected, and the whole GLA should be abolished as Maggie intended.

Mr Duff is correct to highlight the ‘problems’ with Andrew Dismore. There are many Conservatives who will still find Coleman a preferable candidate, warts and all. Unless LibDem supporters switch to Labour, or the Tory vote collapses, Coleman could still win. You underestimate him at your peril. The Labour vote on its own will not be enough. If Coleman retains his seat it will prove, once again, how utterly useless Labour are in this Borough.

Jim Jepps said...

You're right that in Camden few people care about Coleman because he rarely, if ever, shows his face.

I agree that if he's to be beaten it's Andrew Dismore that has to get more votes and, despite his New Labour politics (ID cards, dropping bombs on people, etc.) would be an improvement especially because the London assembly does not have access to any bombers.

However, I do think the focus needs to be on Tory voters so I don't think it would do any harm in reminding them that UKIP exists as an alternative. Coleman's vote needs to be split if he's to lose and Tories need a viable alternative to vote for as most would not switch to Labour (although might go Green or Lib Dem).

Edward Lewis said...

I am voting Andrew Dismore. He deserves to win, he has proved himself in the past, and I was upset that he got pushed out because of his party leader's reputation (ie Gordon Brown). Andrew is the best candidate to represent us!!!

Amit Singh said...

I agree with
Dont call me Dave.