Friday, 6 April 2012

#OccupyFB - what on earth?!

Discussing the content of the press statement (which I still haven't seen!)
What a crazy 24 hours. I don't have time now to write a lengthy account of the five hours occupation of Friern Barnet Library on Thursday 5 April, and of the hasty preparations leading up to it. I think they're best dealt with in small vignettes, which I'll try to get around to writing today in among a considerable pile of domestic tasks! (Lazy cow?)

I did take some nice pictures from inside the occupation. I don't know if other people like my photos, but I do! That's probably what counts. They almost always are viewed best as part of a narrative, which is usually what they are. They are almost always an account of a protest or demonstration of some sort, and pick up on angles that I think are useful or interesting.

I really feel that is the case here, since there is a small story behind almost every picture. I hope I find the time to tell all of these stories, because, apart from anything, they would provide some pointers to other people campaigning to... Save Our Libraries!

#OccupyFB pictures here.

P.S. All of this occurring on the day it became clear how much Amazon makes and how little tax it pays on that. Which made a nice counterpoint to our campaigning for the paltry sum required to keep a valuable community amenity open. Remember, we're all in this together!

P.P.S. Finding that the Save Friern Barnet Library campaign has linked to this story, I felt ashamed of my profanity (even with the asterisks) in the title and have changed it!

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David Duff said...

But Amazon does pay tax! It pays social security for its employees, it pays VAT and it pays Council Tax.

Tell you what, why don't you raise a new tax on turnover. Then you can sit back and watch them close it all down, sack their employees (so you will lose their taxes as well) and watch as they set up in Ireland. Brilliant! That's the sort of thinking that has got the Labout party where it is today!