Monday, 2 April 2012

Mick Shaw

I am sad to hear of the death of Mick Shaw, former president of the Fire Brigades Union, from cancer. The FBU official circular regarding this is posted below.

I heard Mick speak a few times and once passed him in the street: he was a giant! He was the guest speaker at Barnet trades council's AGM at Hendon Town Hall on 25 March 2010. He enjoyed the fact that the meeting was well attended, and sitting to speak in the big chair under the portrait of the Queen: both rather unusual occurrences in this day and age for trade unionists!

As older, experienced trade unionists and convinced socialists pass away, I'm sure Mick would want us to re-double our efforts at organising the unorganised and convincing those who otherwise wouldn't hear about an alternative vision for the world we live in if they didn't hear it from us. That would be a fitting tribute to him.

My condolences to Mick's family and friends.

Vicki Morris, publicity officer, Barnet trades council
2 April 2012
Dear Brother/Sister


It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Brother Mick Shaw, former President of the Union, died yesterday following a long battle with cancer.

On behalf of all members of the Union I have passed on condolences to his family and offered whatever support we can provide.

Mick joined the London Fire Brigade in 1977 and almost immediately became involved in the 1977 strike. He remained involved in the Union throughout his career, holding numerous positions as an official and was elected Executive Council Member for London in 1997. In 2007, he was elected as President and served in that position until he retired early in 2011. Tragically he became very ill shortly after his retirement.

Arrangements have not yet been made for the funeral but the family would prefer that this is a small event for family and close friends. We also hope to be able, with the family, to arrange a wider memorial event for friends and colleagues shortly.

I know that the thoughts of all of us will be with Mick’s family and friends at this tragic time.

Yours fraternally



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