Sunday, 29 April 2012

Reasons to sack Brian Coleman: he's the Tory candidate!

You've probably seen John Baldy's excellent "101 Reasons to Sack Brian Coleman" blog.

I don't want to take away from that at all. Brian Coleman is a particularly odious example of an arrogant, greedy, etc, politician, who deserves all the personal opprobrium he attracts.

But even if he were actually quite a nice bloke (!) I still couldn't vote for him because, well, he's the Conservative candidate.

As the rubric at the top of this blog should alert you, I'm a trade unionist (though some Conservatives are trade unionists as well, and good that they are) and a socialist. I'm a trade unionist who isn't in it just for the cheap insurance policy, or the press card (ahem).

I happen to think that trade unions are one of the great civilising forces in society. (28 April was Workers' Memorial Day when the trade union movement remembers all those killed or injured in workplace accidents, whose numbers would be more legion were it not for trade unions.)

Trade unions are by no means perfect, always in need of reform, and short-sighted if they only stick to industrial and eschew political issues (and they often do limit themselves in this way). I nevertheless think trade unions are the best hope for humankind to build solidarity, overcome its divisions, particularly class divisions, and organise a rational and democratic society. (Phew!)

I'm a socialist: I fervently hope and believe that we - humankind - can do better than capitalism, build on its achievements, but grow beyond it. So you won't find me in much agreement with the Conservative Party.

For sure, Labour has moved a long way from politically representing its working class base, and Tony Blair and his coterie were as enamoured with the rich and powerful as the Conservatives. But I think we all know that if you want the ruling class, pro-capitalist party par excellence, you still go with the Conservatives.

So, my reason, first, last and everything, for wanting to #SackBrian on 3 May is because he is the Conservative candidate.

If you are really into lists, however, and you want to be reminded just why this current Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government is so worth punishing at the ballot box this coming Thursday take a look at the Haywoods Voice blog. In a recent post Haywood lists no less than "170 reasons not to vote Coalition at the local elections" (the overwhelming majority of them good reasons).

Reasons to Sack Brian Coleman

Although John is up to no.81 on his blog - usefully supplied by his irate wife, who blames John's blogging for ruining their family life - he still needs people to feed him ideas.

You need only send a line or two (if that's all you can manage). John generally does some research and finds a nice picture to go with the story.

Twitter: @johnbaldy
Hashtag: #sackbrian


David Duff said...

"he still needs people to feed him ideas."

You mean the dimwit can't think for himself?

Citizen Barnet said...

No, you unpleasant, stirring fool. I wrote down a list of 36 stories about Brian Coleman off the top of my head without thinking hard and I've only been aware of his existence for 4 years. But those stories are also other people's stories.

The point is to make this a group project - without compromising anyone's position, because Brian's retribution can be swift, as Helen Michael is finding out.

If you don't know which side you are on in the people of Barnet versus Brian Coleman, read this and think before you open your mouth again.

David Duff said...

Alas, my interest in the people of Barnet is roughly equal to my interest in the people of my own village which ranges from nil to nought! Only your breathless, witty prose keeps me clicking on here and, like exchanges with Mrs. Angry, appeals to the Max Mosley in me!

Mrs Angry said...

hello, did the old bugger mention my name? I thought you were dead, Mr Duff: where've you been?

Max Mosley. Yep. I can see the resemblance. Not so much the sexual peccadilloes (should that be peccadilli?, but the background of fascism. Now you are going to tell me your father was a communist spy at Cambridge in the 1930s, I suppose, and spoil everything.

I used to have an elderly neighbour, a very nice Jewish lady, who was once thrown off a train, with her two babies, during the black out, by Oswald Moseley. She put the evil eye on him, and wished him bad luck and then, she told me, with great satisfaction, he was arrested for treason.

So there you go.

David Duff said...

Well, in the long, and alas, coninuing, history of meandering non-sequitors that have appeared in 'Blogdom' I'm glad to see that Mrs.'A' is keeping the fine old tradition going.

Mrs Angry said...

Well, Mr David Duff, we are both, in our separate ways, traditionalists at heart. You are not meandering, however, I think: more of an ox bow lake, cut off from the flow ...