Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tell Barnet Council to re-open Friern Barnet Library

“What the parliament does, the street can undo” - this is a consoling thought of all campaigners everywhere! And it's true!

Save Friern Barnet Library campaigners have started a new petition on Barnet Council's website with this simple demand:
We the residents, students and workers of Friern Barnet, are petitioning Barnet Council to RE-OPEN our local library. Friern Barnet Library in its present place and shape is an integral part of community life in the surrounding area. We want a cheerful Local library. This is a chance for Barnet Council to show they ARE listening to local residents and reverse the bad feeling caused by the closure of this lovely library.
OK, a petition is not exactly "the street", but we all know that behind the petition lies an active, year-long campaign that included street parties, demonstrations, activity days and, ultimately, a sit-in. Whose library? Our library!

If Barnet Council thought that taking the decision to close the library was, well, the final word on the matter, they will soon learn, I think, that they have made a mistake.

Please sign the petition and let others know about it. It has an easy to circulate short url - - to add to Tweets, on the bottom of emails, etc.

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