Wednesday, 5 May 2010

David Young says vote Labour or RAB in Barnet to save sheltered housing wardens

David Young has today issued a new press release on behalf of UK Pensioners Strategy Committee, the campaign he heads that is defending the sheltered housing wardens, in Barnet and nationally. I'll post the whole text below. David comes out for Labour on Barnet council. But he also says, if you can't bring yourself to vote Labour, vote for the Residents' Association of Barnet (RAB) candidates. (I've had a little debate with a RAB candidate on an earlier post about this.)

(I don't think David has anything particular against the Lib Dems...! Though I could be wrong!)

Roger Tichborne has commented that all the groups opposing the sheltered housing cuts perhaps haven't acted strategically enough during the election on this issue. He has a point.

We can be clear now, though: if you vote in a Tory council tomorrow, they will come back again to axe the sheltered housing wardens. They might not be able to push it through... but they will try to. If you want to save wardens in sheltering housing (and that's what the residents want), don't vote Tory tomorrow! David Young's press release:

UK pensioners back the Residents Association of Barnet to save wardens and public services

Don’t waste your vote - give it to RAB.

We warned the Barnet Council cabinet, they ignored us. They should have listened when we told them.

No Wardens, No Vote!

David Young, Chair of the UK Pensioners Strategy Committee, said:

“I’m advising all to vote Labour in the Barnet local elections to stop the Conservatives from running the council. If you can’t bring yourself to vote Labour then vote R.A.B., the Residents' Association of Barnet. At least this way we will have some candidates in the council who will genuinely endeavour to save Resident Sheltered Housing Wardens, and our public services.

"RAB are fielding independent candidates at the local election and we are supporting them.”

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