Friday, 21 May 2010

They're just not having it! New occupation at Middlesex Uni

Students and staff at Middlesex University are refusing to accept the planned closure of the philosophy department. They left their occupation of the administration building at Trent Park last Saturday in some disarray, after the university obtained an injunction.

On Monday night Barnet trades council joined some of the students in a demonstration outside the Hendon campus and Hendon Town Hall. The students have been leafleting the university open days this week.

This evening I hear that around 50 students and staff have occupied the library at Trent Park. Some details here on their website.

Think what you like of occupation as a tactic, the campaigners' refusal to lie down and take what they regard as an unjustified hit certainly impresses me.

We are going to need more of that spirit in the months and years to come, when many services that people rely on will face the axe in the attempt to restore the national finances at our expense.

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Mrs Angry said...

Went past the protest one morning last week and it really cheered me up to see students taking a stand, just like the good old days. Felt quite nostalgic, in fact. Good luck to them anyway.