Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Vote for Paul Holmes - Unison general secretary election - to defend public services

Another important election is taking place. Voting has opened in the election for the general secretary of the bigggest public sector union Unison. This union represents many white collar (and some other) workers in local government, the NHS, schools, etc.

There is a battle between the incumbent general secretary Dave Prentis and two other candidates. I think people should vote for Paul Holmes. He has a great record of building his Unison branch in Kirklees, and is pledged to take an average worker's wage, not the £120,000 that Prentis takes home.

Holmes wants a union that will defend its members against the looming cuts, and to defend public services. He wants to use the link with the Labour Party to the benefit of public sector workers and users, not to the electoral advantage of the Labour Party solely! Barnet Unison branch is backing Paul Holmes.

If you would like some leaflets to distribute at your workplace, telephone 07817 595626. Only 16% of members vote in these elections, usually, so active campaigning can make a difference. Thanks.

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Rog T said...

I second that motion !