Monday, 10 May 2010

Letter to the future

With the news this week that governments are failing to stem the extinction of species (one report here) we cast about for an answer. Showing politicians that we give a damn is a start.

If you have time, please sign up to the RSPB's "Letter to the future" campaign. You can find details here. The spiel is overly saccharine for my tastes, but its heart is in the right place!

Meanwhile, I am thinking of adding to the biodiversity of my garden by digging a pond. One never knows what one might attract!

1 comment:

Mrs Angry said...

let's hope Mr Toad ie our beloved Mayor doesn't want to come and live in your new pond. Actually we have two small ponds, and no toads but lots of big fat frogs. They have names: the biggest(and frankly ugliest)one is called Brian.