Friday, 7 May 2010

Tories 39, Labour 21, Lib Dems 3 - let the nastiness commence!

The Times series reports rather a bollocks (it's a day for intemperate language in Barnet blogland) overall picture in the Barnet council elections:

Conservatives 39
Labour 21
Lib Dems 3
Lib Dem leader Jack Cohen comments on his party's poor showing:
It's disappointing. I think we were always up against it because the General Election was on the same day.

The local elections are about candidates who work and have a strong personal vote, but in General Elections many people don't take that into account.
Barnet blogger Roger Tichborne is one that has lost out. He would have made a great councillor. Don't bow out now, mate! With this crew in charge, we're going to need your wit and wisdom more than ever.

Barnet Tories will be feeling massively vindicated and will be rolling up their sleeves ready to inflict their wretched plans on Barnet: cuts to sheltered housing wardens (and it won't end there), easyCouncil... Just as soon as they have got over their champagne hangovers, that is. (I know, I'm just rubbing salt into the wound now.)

The more I see of them, the more I understand that Tories are hardnosed characters. Let Nick Clegg bear that in mind if he wants to go into coalition with them.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

The LibDem collapse surprised me. Perhaps results just followed the national trend? In Barnet, the Jewish vote is important and, frankly, the Jenny Tonge incident still rankles within the community, so that may have contributed.

As we have seen with the soon-to-be expired Labour Government (and yes previous Tory governments too) very large majorities do not tend to provide good governance. Whilst respecting the will of the electorate, it will be even more important than ever before to scrutinise everything the council does to ensure they don’t sneak out more controversial policies in exempt reports.

The council has a real problem with the Freedom of Information Act and it will be up to concerned residents to keep a watchful eye on proceedings.

Rog T said...

Don't worry, I'm going nowhere. Don't Call Me Dave is spot on