Friday, 14 May 2010

Never mind the politics

I have read on some blog comments (eg, this one) that Malcolm McLaren was from Burnt Oak, at least, that he attended Orange Hill grammar school. Stone me! Can anyone confirm?

I'm off to Blackpool in a couple of hours for the trades councils conference. As to what is happening in the wider world of politics right now, my only comment is "what he said".


Mrs Angry said...

yes, he certainly went to school in Edgware, think he lived with his grandma. Supposedly he went to a grammar school but I think Orange Hill was a girls' school at that time - might be wrong ...

Rog T said...

As Orange Hill was one of my educational stop off points I can confirm that Talky Malcy was an ex pupil. As to Mrs Angry, she's right and shes wrong. There was Orange Hill Girls School and Orange Hill Boys school. I assume Talcy went to the boys bit, but they merged by the time I got there into Orange Hill Senior High School in the boys bit and the junior high in the girls bit.

Another bit of trivia. The founder of Friends Reunited was in the year below me. Apparently he hasn't forgiven me for making a disparaging remark about his band when they did a gig at the school.

Maybe he'll sponsor Brian Colemans next election campaign to get hos own back !